Modern Living, made exceptional.

KDEL Projects creates exceptional developments by focusing on the elements that matter most.

We take a holistic perspective, when it comes to bringing out the best in our clients’ spaces. From full Project Management expertise, consultancy, to development feasibility, KDEL Projects can assist in minimising what’s non-essential and optimize your building projects.

Property Development

KDEL Projects is a boutique property development firm, with years of expertise brought on from passion for our projects, as well as from private development requests by our clients. Our existing showcase of property developments will attest to our ability to bring together the most efficient, effective team together for your next planned development.

As experienced consultants and project managers, our team provides a full scope of property development services that includes project management, feasibility, financing, structuring, project tendering, consultant selection and planning for, and executing every detail to perfection.

With our team, what you’ll be able to realise with your next property is one that considers modern living through its most exceptional forms.

Project Management

Whether it’s for your dream home, or a commercial development, our team provides a full scope of Project Management expertise that takes care of everything from the ground-up. When we take on a property development as one of our own, we seek to optimise every effort involved, so you never have to fuss about the final result.

Trust that our team at KDEL Projects will be able to take care of every detail, from site acquisition, financial planning, and the very build itself — right down to engagement of all other parties involved.


Residential Development

Be it a forever home, or a stunning addition to an investment portfolio, your next development will require a careful mix of aesthetic consideration and building expertise. At KDEL Residential, we bring the right team together for you to put the best of these influences towards the creation of optimum builds, achieved with a modern architectural finesse.

You’ll see from our existing showcase of developments, that ours is a work of passion. Our team distils these experiences from working on our own developments, and applying that expertise to bring out the best in all our client’s requests.

As it extends from the site it is located upon, any residence developed by KDEL Residential is one that will materialise from thoughtful inspiration, and masterful dedication to craft.