About KDEL Projects.

KDEL provides a range of services for residential construction, including project management, feasibility, financing, structuring, project tendering, consultant selection. Working with us, you’ll find a trusted partner who can recommend and manage your consultants, conduct feasibility analysis, as well as review financing options. In a nutshell, KDEL Residential provides a level view on appreciating what your development deserves most.


Who We Are

KDEL has a background of over 15 years in construction, project management, banking and finance.

Working with an extended team, it’s a genuine passion for developing their own architectural projects that continues to drive the team at KDEL.

We take the utmost care in considering every detail: no matter if it’s to do with architectural planning, or the actual build itself. Inspired by the use of minimal styles, and how they often suffice in maximising function within any living space, our showcase of developments attest to this belief that less is more when it comes to bringing out the best for your property.


Projects managed


Let’s Create Your Ideal Space

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